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6 Point Master Plan

In the year of 1993, the Lord impressed upon the pastors to develop a "6 Point Master Plan" that would detail the general direction of the ministry and congregation into the new millennium. The first point was to "Relocate Church Ministries to facilities that more adequately accommodated present and future needs." 14 years ago that part of the vision became reality when we purchased the property at Twelfth and Sidney Streets. We are celebrating 14 years in the Soulard Historic District!

In the year 2005, the pastors were impressed to revise the 6 Point Master Plan. The points of this plan include:

  • Development of a Television Ministry that include Website Video Production
  • Expansion of Our Radio Ministries
  • Development of an Educational Complex from Grades K-12
  • Development of a Full Social Services Center
  • Development of a Global Impact Ministry with emphasis on supporting indigenous ministries
  • Develop a fully Accredited Ministers Training Center that sends ministers forth to plant churches