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Present Leaders and Founders

Our Senior Pastor, Jeremiah R. Grimes, Th.D. is an seasoned minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, having begun preaching as a teenager. Jeremiah has faithfully served Open Door Outreach Ministries its inception. He is proud of his intergenerational holiness heritage as “a third generation pentecostalecclesiastic.” He balances that background with staying in touch with today’s realities. He is prayerful that this medium will help him minsiter to souls he would never be able to reach otherwise.

Our Co-Pastor,Jeffrey A. Grimes, Th.D. is a licensed Professional Counselor with over 30 continuous years in Christian ministry. Since his youth he has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and desires to see people in general and the Body of Christ in particular strengthened and encouraged.

Pastor Emeritus Jeremiah C. Grimes

Founding Pastor, Open Door Church

The Late Mother Lee E. Grimes

Co-Founder, Open Door Church